Ken Burns The Vietnam War

Stories of the Vietnam War

Find several collections of classroom resources provided by PBS and IPTV that tell the story of the Vietnam war experience.

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STEM Kit: Star Gazing

What is a constellation? Are constellations in the sky during the day? Do we see different constellations from different locations? Constellations are groups of stars that form a recognizable pattern...

Platypus diving through water

STEM Kit: Discovering Senses

What are the fives senses? Why do we need our five senses? What can we do with our five senses? The platypus has a sixth sense. It's an extra sense that people don't even have. It's called...


PBS Out-of-School Adventures

Multimedia Afterschool and Summer Activity Plans Both PBS KIDS Afterschool Adventures and PBS KIDS Summer Adventures are on PBS LearningMedia and include all of the resources you need to get started...

Wild Kratts picture

Teaching Tips Now Available

Integrate PBS KIDS online games into classroom curricula.

logo for AIM program

AIM (Arthur Interactive Media) Buddy Program

AIM (Arthur Interactive Media) Buddy Program AIM is a cross-age buddy program designed to promote social, emotional and character development in elementary school students. Instead of traditional...

logo for True Stories

Martha Speaks True Stories

Martha Speaks True Stories Martha's True Stories have been designed for children to enjoy on their own or with an older reader or parent. However, the stories can also be used in a variety of ways in...

Kids Infront of Chalkboard

PBS KIDS: Elementary STEM Resource Roundup

IPTV offers opportunities to explore new ideas and new worlds related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning through television and online content. Online access and...

Children Making Oobleck

STEM KIT: Outsmarting Oobleck

You likely landed here because you recently enjoyed our Outsmarting Oobleck booth. Thank you for stoppying by! Most children know what Oobleck is, but do they know why it behaves the way it does? In...

Wind Energy


NOVA Labs is a new digital platform where "citizen scientists" can actively participate in the scientific process. From predicting solar storms and designing renewable energy systems to tracking...