Children Making Oobleck

STEM KIT: Outsmarting Oobleck

You likely landed here because you recently enjoyed our Outsmarting Oobleck booth. Thank you for stoppying by! Most children know what Oobleck is, but do they know why it behaves the way it does? In...

Wind Energy


NOVA Labs is a new digital platform where "citizen scientists" can actively participate in the scientific process. From predicting solar storms and designing renewable energy systems to tracking...


STEM KIT: Splash and Bubbles Decoder Glasses

You likely landed here because you recently enjoyed our Splash and Bubbles booth. Thank you for stoppying by! The Splash and Bubbles STEM Kit teaches children about ecosystems while using decoder...

Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

People of all ages and from all parts of the world write about their thoughts and experiences every day in journals, diaries, and blogs.

Electric Company

Inspire Summer Reading with The Electric Company!

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean that it’s time to put the books down! We challenge you to give students a reason to read over the next few months and come back in the fall with enhanced...

Image of Art School E-Book Beginning Screen

Art School

Ignite that spark of creativity in your students with “ Art School ,” an inspiring web video series. “Art School” introduces your class to contemporary artists who discuss their careers and...

Elements of Shape

Take Your Class to Art School!

From the youngest learners all the way to high school scholars, every student could use a little more exposure to great art in their lives. Empower students of all ages to engage in contemporary art...

PBS NewsHour


The PBS NewsHour continues to provide in-depth analysis of current events with a news summary, live interviews and discussions of domestic and international issues. The PBS NewsHour Extra website is...

Role of Government in Agriculture

What is the Government's Role in Agriculture?

From pork bellies to cow's milk, biofuels to king corn, billions of dollars move through the United States' agricultural marketplace each year. In each step from the farm to the market, there is a...

Iowa Public Television's Ready for School Learning Centers

You can turn anytime into learning time for a child, even those few minutes when you are on the go or waiting for an appointment.