Thomas & Friends Color Recognition Activity

Thomas & Friends has sparked the imagination of young children for generations. The enduring and classic animated series is based on the much-loved books by Reverend W. Awdry, who created Thomas the Tank Engine™ to entertain his young son. The series features Thomas, a true blue engine friend and a cast of track stars, including James, Percy, Emily, Henry and Gordon, as well as Sir Topham Hatt, Controller of the Railway, who keeps everything running smoothly.

Each episode features two animated stories, a live-action segment and a music video. As young viewers join Thomas and his engine friends on exciting adventures on the Island of Sodor and beyond, they experience timeless life lessons of discovery, cooperation, and friendship.

The series supports children ages 2 to 5 and focuses on three primary goal areas to help children learn to navigate relationships, contribute to their communities and master the world around them—

Social and Emotional Interactions: Presented with an increasing number of socialization opportunities, preschoolers are beginning to learn how to offer friendship, express themselves, control their emotions, resolve conflicts, and engage with others in conversation and play. Thomas & Friends helps children to develop this new and often challenging skill set. 

Self-Efficacy: Preschoolers are beginning to experiment with mastery over themselves, their actions and their environments. Thomas & Friends helps them understand that their choices and behaviors make a difference to themselves and others.  The series promotes belief in one’s own competencies, the ability to take initiative, and the capacity to effect significant change.

Problem Solving: As preschoolers learn to problem solve, they encounter obstacles, make mistakes, and experience disappointing results. The trains on the Island of Sodor help them learn to keep trying, manage frustration, think creatively and work with others.

Teachers can use these video segments and learning materials to foster social and emotional growth in Pre-K students. The Thomas & Friends collection also includes learning materials for teachers who work with students on the autism spectrum, from Pre-K through third grade.