Iowa Public Television Education curated a list of resources aligning with standards and targeting specific grade levels. 

Standard/Skill Age Range Show Episodes Games
Empathy 2-4 Daniel Tiger Katerina Gets Mad Feel the Music
      Daniel gets Mad  
      Daniel Gets a Shot  
      A stormy Night  
      All Aboard  
      Daniel Feels Left Out  
      Frustration at School  
      Jealousy at the Tree House  
Someone Else's Feelings/Empathy at School
  2-4 Caillou Big Brother Caillou  
      Caillou watches Rosie  
      A friend in Need  
      A New Member of the Family  
      Caillou Helps Out  
  2-5 Sesame Street Mark Ruffalo "Empathy" Story Book Builder
      Name that Emotion (Murray)  
      Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin  
      Elmo and Chris Sing about Feelings  
      Cookie Monster makes Kermit Mad  
    Arthur Buster's New Friend About Face
      Arthur's Chicken Pox Arthur Comics
      Arthur's Big Hit  
      Thanks a lot Binky  
    Clifford Mac's Secret Dog Club  
      Who me? Jealous?  
      Mr. Bleakman's Special Day  
      Two's Company  
      Cleo Gets a Cone  
Honesty 2-4 Daniel Tiger Daniel Goes to the Potty  
  2-4 Caillou Copycat Clementine  
      Borrowed Book  
      It's not too Big for Me  
  2-5 Sesame Street Baby Bear comes Clean  
      The boy who Cried Wolf  
    Arthur Arthur's lost Library Book  
      My Dad the Garbage Man  
      Stolen Bike  
      The Secret about Secrets  
    Clifford False Friends  
      Come back Mac  
      The Kibble Crook  
      Jetta's Tall Tale  
      Jetta's Sweater  
Apologizing/Forgiveness 2-4 Daniel Tiger The Royal Sandbox  
      Daniel Says I'm Sorry  
  2-5 Sesame Street Cookie Monster makes Kermit Mad  
      "Elmo didn't Mean To"  
      Ann Curry "Apology"  
    Arthur Locked in the Library!  
      Love Notes for Muffy  
      How the Cookie Crumbles  
      Revenge of the Chip  
      Spoiled Rotten  
    Clifford The best Party Ever  
      The Dog who Cried Woof  
      Promises Promises  
      Forgive and Forget  
      Blanket Blues  
Generosity 2-4 Daniel Tiger Something Special for Dad Make a Card
      I Love You Mom Bathtime Helper
      Daniel shares.../Katerina Shares  
Thank you Grandpere.../Thank you Day
      Neighbor Day  
  2-4 Caillou Surprise Party  
      A surprise for Mommy  
      Sleepover Guest  
      Mystery Valentine  
  2-5 Sesame Street Sharing Cookies Super Salad Diner
      Bert and Ernie exchange Gifts Rosita's Fiesta Game
      Gift to Dorothy  
      Keep Spreading Kindness  
    Arthur Arthur's Birthday  
      Grandma Thora Appreciation Day  
      Dad's Dessert Dilemma  
      The Good Sport  
      Thanks a Lot Binky  
    Clifford Cleo's Fair Share Cleo Shares
      Circus Stars Help Clifford
      Islander of the Year  
      Mr. Bleakman's Special Day  
      Get Well  
Learning from Others 2-4 Daniel Tiger Daniel's New Friend Classroom Helpers
      Same and different  
      You Are Special  
      Daniel is Special  
  2-4 Caillou Caillou Meets Robbie  
      Caillou makes a New Friend  
      Grandma's Friends  
      Supper With Sarah  
      Just Like Me  
  2-5 Sesame Street Different People Different Ways Elmo's School Friends
      Zoe same and different  
      Meet Julia  
      Linda Buys a Hat  
      Linda Loses Barkley  
    Arthur Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn  
      Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm  
      Arthur Cleans Up  
      Binky Barnes Art Expert  
      Sue Ellen's Little Sister  
      Francine Goes to War  
    Clifford A New Friend  
      New Dog in Town  
      Friends Morning Noon and Night  
      and Baby makes Four  
      Nobody's Perfect