Iowa Public Television curated an extensive list of resources that align with standards and target specific grade levels. 

Core Standard/Skill Age/Grade Shows Episodes Games
Alphabet/Letter Recognition 2-5 Super Why King Eddie Who Loved Spaghetti Super Duper DJ
      Momotaro: The Peach Boy Lovely Letter Match Up
      King Midas Alpha Pig's Alphabet Match Up
      Webby in Bathland Alpha Pig's Paint by Letter
      George and the Dragon Alpha Pig's Lickety Letter Bingo
      The Alphabet's Sad Day Alpha Pig's Alpha Bricks
        Super Why's Rock and Read Jukebox
        Journey to the Golden Bone
  2-5 Word World Kite Flight Alphabet Falls
      J-J-Jelly Bear's Skate Board Park
      Magic Sheep Performs a Magic Trick Dog's Letter Pit
      Puzzled Pig  
  2-5 Sesame Street Alphabet Race/Bye Bye Birdie Letters to Big Bird
      A, You're Adorable Bumper Cars
      Letter of the Day Segments Sand Box Search
        Alphabet Soup
        Abby's Adventure Game
  4-8 Clifford   Puppy Letters
Phonological Awareness 2-5 Super Why Wonder Red Saves Frog Rhyme Time Bingo
      Wonder Red Performs on the Trampoline Spectacular Sounds Bingo
      The Banana Mystery Freeze Dance Rhyming
      Roxie's Missing Music Box Red's Rhyming Roll
      The Princess and the Pea Super Celebrations Cake Maker
        Create Your Own Super Hero
  2-5 Sesame Street I love Words: Abby Kadaby Nick of Rhyme
      That's What Reading Is All About Rhyme Time
      Word Family Segments  
      Rhyming Day  
      Rhyming Game  
    Martha Speaks   Radio Martha
  2-5 Word World Hide and Seek Frog's Rhyming Machine
      A String's the Thing Pig's Perfect Pizza
Text Awareness 2-5 Daniel Tiger   Neighborhood Clean Up
        Big Brother Daniel
        Something Special for Dad
        Daniel's Baby Sitter
        Daniel and His Friends
  2-5 Sesame Street In Bert's Book Story Book Builder
      Big Bird's Story Time Elmo's World Books
      The Monster at the End of this Book Elmo's Special Cupcakes
  2-5 Super Why Naila and the Magic Map Reading Power Bingo
      The Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser  
      The Silly Word Play  
Spelling 2-5 Super Why The Little Red Hen Spectacular Sounds Bingo
      The Nutcracker Princess Presto's Spectacular Spelling Play
      The Alphabet's Sad Day Princess Presto's Spelling Bee
  2-5 Sesame Street My Name is Zoe Alphabet Soup
      Two Headed Monster Segments  
  4-8 Clifford   Puppy Letters
  8-10 Ruff Ruffman   Dog Ears 2
Vocabulary 2-5 Sesame Street Mark Ruffalo: Empathy Bert Pigeon Trouble
      Seth Rogan: Embarrassed  
      Kristen Bell: Splatter  
      Jack Black: Disguise  
      Charlize Theron: Jealous  
      Josh Gad: Texture  
  2-5 Martha Speaks The Long Rotten Summer Switcheroo
      Eyes on the Skies Funny Photos
      Martha's Pickle Catch!
      The Jakey Express Crazy Vehicle
      Sled Dog Martha Dogs on Ice
      The Trouble with Teddy Skits Tricks
      Dogs in Space/Space Dogs Socks in Space
      Martha and the Doggie Lover Skits Cooks
      Martha and the One Thousand Fleas Make the Band
        Word Play
        Town Crier
        Martha's Steaks
        Martha's Circus Spectacular
        In the Park With Skits
        Martha Seeks
    Oh Noah Making a Splash Games in Videos
      Say Tomato Lost and Found
      Not Milk Word Race
      Comprende Down the Drain Match It!
      Monkey Business Noah's Adventure
  6-8 Word Girl Sparkling Clean What's Your Favorite Word?
      Arts Parts Power Words
      News Girl Home Alone in Dr. Two Brains Lair
      Miss Power Series Maze Mania
      Line Lessons Face Off
        Captain Huggy Face's Freeze Frame Game
        Chuck's Extreme Crusher
  8-10 Ruff Ruffman   Dog Ears 1 & 2
Text Comprehension/Fluency 2-5 Martha Speaks   Operation Ice Cream
        Marthur Stickerbook Mash Up
        Town Crier
        A Tale of Two Soup Cans
        Can You Dig It?
        How Do You Measure Up?
        True Stories
        Getting to the Game
    Arthur   Arthur Comics/Comic Creator
    Word Girl   Story Book Adventure
        Story Book Adventure: The Butcher
        Story Book Adventure: Pretty Princess
    Peg + Cat