Iowa Public Television curated an extensive list of resources that align with standards and target specific grade levels. 

Core Standard/Skill Age Range Title Episodes Games
Counting and Cardinality 2-5 Curious George Bowling for Bobalinks Hat Grab
      George vs. the Turbo Python 3000 Count Your Chickens
      George Goes for 100 Hide and Seek
      George Clowns Around Apple Picking
        Juggling George
        Bubble Pop
        Bunny Ride
        Flower Garden
        Pumpkin Boo!
        Blast Off
        Bug Catcher
        Count With Allie
        Monkey Jump
        Super Bouncy Blast Off
        Meatball Launcher
        Bring It
        High Fives
    Super Why  
        Museum of Tens
  2-5 Sesame Street Number of the Day Segments Grover's Winter Games
      Counting Monsters The Cookie Games
      Count on Elmo Rosita's Fiesta Game
      Five By  
      Ernie Counts Sheep to Sleep  
  2-5 Peg + Cat Follow the Bouncing Ball Hair Salon
      The Space Creature Problem Peg's Parade
      The Sleep Over Problem Chicken Coop
      The Big Gig Problem Peg's Pizza Place
      The Birthday Cake Problem Rock Art
        Bubble Bath
        The Perfect Ten Problem
        The Election Problem
  2-5 Sid The Science Kid Enough with the Seashells Rolly Polly Round Up
  6-8 Odd Squad Zero Effect Odd Invasion
      Party of 54321 Cases
      Oscar and the Oscarbots Catch the Centigurps
      The Trouble with Centigurps Code Breaker
    Dinosaur Train   Pterydon Fishing
        Flying With Buddy
        How Big Are You?
  6-10 Cyber Chase And They Counted Happily Ever After Tally Up
      A World without Zero Buzz and Delete Save the Day
      A Whale of a Tale Save The Park
    Fizzy's Lunch Lab   Freddy's Carnival Count Off
        Freddy's Carnival Games
        Escape from Greasy World
Measurement and Data 2-5 Peg + Cat The Buried Treasure Problem Scrub - a - Dub
      The Highlight Zone Bubble Bath
      The Circus Problem The Big Dog Problem
      The Honey Problem Happy Camel
      The Cleopatra Problem Music Maker
      Richard the Third  
  2-5 Curious George George vs the Turbo Python 3000 How Tall?
  2-5 Sid the Science Kid The Whale Episode Pan Balance
        Crystals Rule
        Collection Jar
        Vegetable Planting
        Balancing Act
    Dinosaur Train A Play Date with Annie How Big Are You?
      Pterosaur Flying Club Dinosaur Dive
        Dino Drink
        Pinecone Toss
        Leaf Leader
    Cat in the Hat   Welcome to Beaver City
  6-8 Odd Squad Blob on the Job Agent Check Up
      Miss O Uh Oh Down the Tubes
      The Brief Case  
      The Potato Ultimato  
      Rise of the Hydroclops  
  6-10 Cyber Chase Sensible Flats Bugs in the System
      Fortress of Attitude Airlines Builder
      Totally Rad Can You Fill It?
      Measure for Measure Send in the Trolls
      Bluebird of Zappiness U Fix It
        Bike Route
        Ping Pong Pick Up
    Fizzy's Lunch Lab   Pour to Score
        Escape from Fresh World
        Dunk Tank Dilemma
        Crane Game
    Ruff Ruffman The Legend of Ruffman's Gold Dish it Out
        Ruff Cut
        Freeze Dance
    Wild Kratts   Croc Hatch
Patterns and Sorting 2-5 Peg + Cat The Messy Room Problem Chicken Dance
      The Doohickey Problem Mega Mall
      The Beethoven Problem Giant Hide and Seek
      The Parade Problem  
      The Play Date Problem  
  2-5 Curious George Out of Order Hide and Seek
        Present Time
        Roller Monkey
        Hat Grab
        Hearts and Crafts
  2-5 Sid the Science Kid   Collection Jar
        Sorting Box
        Weather Surprise
        Vegetable Patterns
        Snowflake Match
  2-5 Arthur   Planet Pal
    Clifford   Clifford Kisses
    Cat in the Hat   Flower Finder
        The Swirly Whirly Pearl Hunt
        Leafylafoo Roundup
  2-5 Sesame Street Craig Robinson Pattern Oscar's Trash Collection
      Guess What's Next Segments Bert Pigeon Trouble
      Ernie Puts Toys into Groups  
    Dinosaur Train   Dino Drink
  6-8 Odd Squad Double Trouble Code Breaker
      A Case of the Sing Alongs Cases
      Skip Day  
      Totally Odd  
      How to Interrogate a Unicorn  
      First Day  
    Fizzy's Lunch Lab   Snacker Stacker
        Find Freddy
        Food Matcher
        Food Camp
        Robot Rebuild
        Snack Sort
  6-10 Cyber Chase The Poddlevile Case Pattern Quest
      Out of Sync Send in the Trolls
      Father's Day Stop That Creature
    Ruff Ruffman   Smoothie Operator
    Wild Kratts   Frog Fish Feast
        Creature Round Up
        Firefly Flash
Geometry and Spatial Relation 2-5 Peg + Cat The Penguin Problem The Highlight Zone
      The Baby Problem Super Peg + Cat Guy
      The Sparkling Sphere Problem Chicken Blast Off
      Yet Another Tree Problem Paint Along
      The Romeo and Juliet Problem Mega Mall
      The George Washington Problem Knights of the Round Table
      The Flat Woman Problem Magical Shape Hunt
      The Rocking Out Problem Chickens in Space
        Race Car
        The Big Dog Problem
        Giant Hide and Seek
  2-5 Sid the Science Kid   Snow Search
  2-5 Curious George The Amazing Maze Race I Love Shapes
      Happy Valentine's Day George Hearts and Crafts
      George's Curious Dragon Dance Day at the Beach
      Curious George Candy Counter Meatball Launcher
  2-5 Dinosaur Train   Buddy's Gem Hunt
        Flying with Buddy
        Pinecone Pass
        Pteranodon Fishing
    Sesame Street Near & Far Telly's Shape Garden
      Just Between Us Oscar's Trash Collection
      Super Grover, Over, Under and Around Cookies of the Caribbean
      The Forward Backward Dance Lord of the Crumbs
    Cat in the Hat   Huff-Puff-A Tron
        The Great Shape Race
        Leafylafoo Round Up
        Deep Sea Follow Me
        Beehive and Seek
        Meerkat Jubilee
  6-8 Odd Squad Crime at Shapely Manor Pienado
      Reindeer Games Creature Duty
      Invasion of the Body Switchers Cases
      Robert Plant  
      Trials and Tubulations  
      The Curious Case of Pirate Itis  
  6-10 Cyber Chase Lost My Marbles Bike Route
      Eureeka The Quest
      Borg of the Ring Maze and Marbles
      The Creech Who Would Be Crowned Virus Hunt
      The Flying Parallinis  
    Fizzy's Lunch Lab   Neighborhood Mapping
        Grocery Mapping
        Pantry Hunt
    Ruff Ruffman   Monumental Mini Golf
        Geyser Surpriser
    Wild Kratts   Webtastic
Working with Time & Money 2-5 Peg + Cat The High Noon Problem  
      The Magic Uke  
      The Wedding Problem  
  2-5 Curious George Curious George on Time  
      Curious George the Grocer  
      Curious George Buys a Kite  
      Auctioneer George  
  2-5 Sesame Street For Me... Three Jars  
      For Me...Making Choices  
      Ernie and Bert, What Time is It?  
      Time to Tick Tock  
  6-8 Odd Squad The Best Seats in the House  
      Life of O'Brian  
      Puppet Show  
      Disorder in the Court  
  6-10 Cyber Chase Clock like an Egyptian  
      Trading Places  
      A Time to Cook  
      The Snelfu Snafu 1 & 2  
      Balancing Act  
    Fizzy's Lunch Lab   Buying Groceries
        Customer Change
Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Addition and Subtraction 2-5 Peg + Cat The Giant Problem Chicken Coop
      The Tulip Problem Race Car
      The Perfect Ten Problem  
      The Ninja Problem  
      The Littlest Chicken Problem  
  2-5 Sesame Street LL Cool J Addition Expedition  
      The Addition Game  
      Outrageous Makeover  
      Kermit Talks about Subtraction  
      Barnacle Subtraction Song  
Abby and Cookie Monster Subtract Cookies
  6-8 Odd Squad Sound Check Odd Invasion
      Training Day Cath the Centigurps
      Oscar the Couch  
      Assistant's Creed  
      Swamps and Gators  
  6-10 Cyber Chase A Perfect Score The Quest
      Peace, Love and Hackerness Save the Park
      Team Spirit Cyber Olympics
        Lucky Star
        Railroad Repair
    Fizzy's Lunch Lab   Food Camp
        Crane Game
    Ruff Ruffman   Fetch! (App)
    Wild Kratts   Creature Math (App)
        Creature Roundup
Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Multiplication/Division 2-5 Peg + Cat The Pirate Problem  
      The Halloween Problem  
      The Pizza Problem  
      The Cold Camel Problem  
  2-5 Sesame Street
Ernie and Bert Share Licorice Candy
      Nia Long Divides  
  6-8 Odd Squad The Ninja Situation  
Mid-Day in the Garden of Good and Odd
      Oscar Strikes Back  
  6-10 Cyber Chase Zeus on the Loose Lucky Star
      Send in the Clones Disguise Combos
      The Halloween Howl  
      The X Factor