You can turn anytime into learning time for a child, even those few minutes when you are on the go or waiting for an appointment.  That’s the idea behind IPTV’s Ready for School Learning Centers, which are often located in the waiting area of a health facility.

Learning Centers consist of a book cart or shelf of age-appropriate children's materials such as books, activity books, toys, puzzles and more. They can include a television which allows children and parents the opportunity to experience high quality children's programming aired by Iowa Public Television. IPTV Ready for School Learning Centers provide resources which encourage families to spend time together reading books, watching quality children's programs, and learning about additional ways to have fun together while waiting for their appointment.

Ready for School Learning Centers are part of IPTV's Ready for School Initiative. This initiative uses a comprehensive approach to community engagement in 25 new communities in Iowa per year to surround children, parents, care providers, and educators with literacy-based content, online games, instructional materials, and educational activities to help children increase their school readiness and success. Through this initiative, Iowa Public Television will partner with communities to add an additional 50 learning centers each year.

This work builds from a proven track record of success in the pilot testing of these methods and resources in several Iowa communities that Iowa Public Television has led since 2008 and is now scaling statewide through Ready for School.

Map of all Iowa Public Television Learning Center locations: