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Project Resources
Explore More feature videos give the big picture, increase awareness, and facilitate discussion with thought-provoking issues and expert interviews. Each 30-minute video introduces compelling issues, surveys stakeholders and experts in the field, and presents thoughtful questions to challenge students. The Viewpoint Extras, following each feature video, are 15-20 short interview segments of in-depth analysis of issues. Companion viewing guides with pre-viewing and post-viewing questions, timecodes for easy accessibility, key vocabulary words, and video scripts help students examine and evaluate perspectives and arguments.

Web Sites
Explore More Web sites are comprehensive information centers for each topic. Students familiarize themselves with basic concepts, analyze pros and cons, view video clips of community stakeholders, and use this information to complete activities that put learning to use. Each Web site has additional Web site links to extend learning opportunities, WebQuests that investigate compelling issues, an interactive glossary, polling questions for students to login their views, links to careers related to the Explore More topics, and many teacher resources including WebQuest assessments, classroom activities, lesson plans, teaching strategies, downloadable documents, standards, and project goals. Visit the sites at

Explore More DVDs
Explore More interactive DVDs feature each of the Explore More topics: genetic engineering, the future of energy, working landscapes, and water quality, through an exciting and versatile technology. These media-rich DVDs motivate students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world. The capabilities of DVD for indexing and playing video clips make it an efficient and effective method of accessing media. This technology is an excellent way to deliver quality media and content to your students in the ever-changing classroom environment.

The DVDs may be used for presentations in front of the class or students may use them directly at their desktops or in small groups. The DVDs include the full 30-minute Explore More feature video with a menu of indexed video scenes, all with English subtitles. View the special features section for compelling media resources and thought-provoking links for educators and students. Special features include Viewpoints, a menu of interview clips of stakeholders of the issues, Questions and Reflections, an interactive list of thought-provoking questions for students, and the DVDquest, an inquiry-based activity requiring students to explore the contents of each Explore More DVD.

Open up the Explore More Interactive Teacher Guide on each disc for a variety of classroom resources including project information, standards connections, student activities, and downloadable documents for classroom use (requires computer with a DVD drive).

Teacher Resources
A suite of lesson plans, assessment tools, discussion guides, standards correlations, and other teacher support resources were created to help you make the most of this project in the classroom. All resources are available digitally on the Web site, the DVD (when used with a computer), and through participation in project workshops or videoconferencing events.

Teacher Outreach
Teachers share ideas, strategies, and plans that integrate real-world issues into science, social studies, and language arts curriculum through learning teams, summer courses, and institutes for professional development or graduate credit. Iowa Public Television (IPTV) educational services staff members are available to answer questions, conduct inservices, and visit classrooms.