Water QualityWater Quality
The water we drink, the places we swim, and the plants and animals within our environments are increasingly threatened by pollution. Agriculture and urban runoff, industrial and household uses, and other sources impact this vital resource. What are the biggest threats to water quality in your area?
The Future of EnergyThe Future of Energy
From fossil fuels to biomass, there are several options in our current mix of energy resources. Investigate the advantages and drawbacks of each fuel. Discover the issues surrounding efficiency, consumption, infrastructure, and environmental consequences. How can we meet our energy needs in the future?
Working LandscapesWorking Landscapes
As our population grows, so do the demands we put on our natural areas. From houses to farms, landfills to hiking trails, working landscapes are a way of sustaining the land by balancing the social, economic, and ecological needs. Can we protect our natural areas and still use them?
Genetic EngineeringGenetic Engineering
Genetic engineering has the potential to change the way we live. The science behind the agricultural, medical, and environmental achievements is spectacular, but this excitement is tempered by concern for the unknown effects of tampering with nature. How should we use genetic engineering?

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