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Explore More: The Future of Energy tells you the story, gives you the facts, and then takes a closer look to help you unravel the core issues. Take a look at and interact with the content. Discuss what you learn with other people, form your own opinion on the subjects, but always keep an open mind.
Energy, in all its varied forms, is an essential part of every aspect of our lives. It’s the foundation for our economy and our lifestyles. What would happen if that foundation crumbled? If the lights went out and the computers went dead and there was no fuel for cars or trucks or planes?

Because we're so dependent on energy, a lot of thought has to go into its future. How will we generate it? How much should we use? How will those choices affect the environment? This site gives you the opportunity to Explore More about energy; the different types and uses of energy, and the important issues we all need to struggle with as we race towards the Future of Energy.

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World Class Wind
One of Iowa’s claims to fame is as home to the world’s largest wind farm.

Should nuclear power stay in the energy mix?
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 No 164
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