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How a T-shirt Goes from the Field to Back

You order a T-shirt online. How much energy goes into producing it? Identify the steps that require energy for transportation.

  1. Field prepared for a cotton crop.
  2. Cotton planted.
  3. Cotton fertilized.
  4. Cotton harvested (picked by a machine).
  5. Cotton trucked to storage (located on site).
  6. Cotton transported to gin (located on site).
  7. Cotton seed removed.
  8. Lint cleaned.
  9. Cotton pressed into bales.
  10. Bales wrapped in woven polypropylene (plastic) and wrapped with steel wire.
  11. Cotton transported to a warehouse.
  12. Upon sale, cotton moves by motor carrier or railroad to ports (Los Angeles).
  13. Cotton sent to foreign market (China).
  14. Cotton cleaned at the mill.
  15. Cotton woven into fabric.
  16. Sent to a garment factory.
  17. Fabric sewn into a T-shirt.
  18. T-shirt sent back to America.
  19. T-shirt shipped to a silk-screen company in Ohio.
  20. On online bookseller advertises the T-shirt on its Web site.
  21. You order the T-shirt and a book on worm farms.
  22. The T-shirt is back-ordered.
  23. The book is shipped out to your house.
  24. The T-shirt ships from the Ohio company to a regional warehouse.
  25. The T-shirt is wrapped in plastic, sealed in a box.
  26. T -shirt sent by airplane and truck to your house.
  27. You open the box and realize sent you the online store sent you the wrong T-shirt.
  28. Return the T-shirt.
  29. New T-shirt ships from Ohio company to regional warehouse.
  30. T-shirt is wrapped in plastic, sealed in a box.
  31. A package service delivers the T-shirt to your house.
  32. You open the box and put on the T-shirt.