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What is Biomass? (Norm Olson, BECON, Biomass Researcher)

Biomass is one of Iowa's most abundant energy resources. Find out what BECON is doing to make the most of Iowa's "leftovers."

TRANSCRIPT: What is Biomass?

Different people will define biomass differently, but we define it basically as plant materials for the most part, in our research. We're talking about wood chips or switchgrass or cornstalks, actually the corn kernel itself -- any plant material out there. We basically try to convert those into different forms of energy. We may convert them into a natural gas substitute or an oil substitute, diesel fuel substitute. We can even, in some cases, co-fire the biomass, which means fire it with coal together at the same time. We call that co-firing, when they throw biomass in with coal in the same burner -- they call that co-firing. We could even displace some coal if we wanted to.

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