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Challenges for the Future (Tom Harkin, U.S. Senator (D))

What should government be doing to prepare for the future of energy? Listen in on Senator Harkin's position.

TRANSCRIPT: Challenges for the Future

I think the biggest challenges that we're going to face as a nation is: number one, where do we fit in with the rest of the world in terms of controlling cutting down the amount of greenhouse gases that we've put into the atmosphere with the specter, the looming specter, of global warming. The second big challenge is how will we produce the energy that our growing economy needs and do it in a clean fashion so that we don't put a lot of C02 [carbon dioxide] gases into the atmosphere. There are answers to that. We can have a system of energy in this nation and worldwide that is non-polluting, renewable, and quite frankly will be, in the long run, more economical than what we're doing right now.

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