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Infrastructure (Tom Harkin, U.S. Senator (D))

What should government be doing to prepare for the future of energy? Listen in on Senator Harkin's position.


If we truly want to cut down on greenhouse gases and we want to promote alternative energy, take a lesson from what we did with the oil companies. We promoted oil and gas in this country for at least 80 years. Through all kinds of tax benefits and write-offs and everything else. Well why don't we do the same thing now for alternative energy? Because you have to get them up. Now a lot of the oil companies will say to me, because I'm such a promoter of ethanol, well that's fine, but let ethanol stand on the same market system as oil. Well but give me a break. Oil, for the last 80 years, has had all this government support. They had this infrastructure out there that mainly was built with government support. Well we're just asking now that alternative energy has the same kind of support, so we can build up that infrastructure for example. That's what government can do.

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