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Energy at What Cost? (Tom Harkin, U.S. Senator (D))

What should government be doing to prepare for the future of energy? Listen in on Senator Harkin's position.

Transcript: Energy at What Cost?

It amazes me and it depresses me that the oil companies and the nuclear industry has such a grip on this country that we can't break free of that to get the hydrogen system going in this country. The technology's there. We know it works; we can get the price down. People say it's too expensive, but what's it going to cost to store the nuclear waste for 10,000 years? We haven't factored that in yet. What's it going to cost if we continue to burn oil and fossil fuels and the greenhouse gases come and the world heats up and we're going to want to stay cool? What's that going to cost us in terms of trying to live a decent lifestyle? We haven't factored that in yet. When you look at that the cost of hydrogen, energy becomes very cheap. And again, keep in mind when you burn a pound of coal...it's gone. When you burn a gallon of gasoline it's gone. Or oil or diesel, it's gone. And it pollutes the atmosphere. When you burn hydrogen, the hydrogen reconnects with oxygen and makes water and nothing else. And that's why it's so perfect for this time and for our world right now.

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