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Geothermal Costs (Sandy Turner)

Sandy Turner is fired up about geothermal power. Find out how this hot resource helps satisfy California's energy appetite.

Transcript: Geothermal Costs

As far as the costs of utilizing geothermal energy, most of them are in the initial phases -- in the drilling the actual wells. It's 2-3 million dollars to drill a well. It's hundreds of millions of dollars to build a power plant, but luckily we have all those resources set up right now. Actually, it's a little less expensive to create geothermal energy because all energy in power plants is created by steam. They use steam to run all turbines. In most places where you use a fossil fuel or another source to create that, you have to take water and heat it, and create the steam. Well, Mother Nature has done that first step for us. It's one step easier to create the power through geothermal than it would be to use it for another source.

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