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Fossil Fuel Reliance (Tony Kovscek)

What's the future for fossil fuels? Explore Prof. Kovscek's perspective on coal's role and more.

Transcript: Fossil Fuel Reliance

There are at least two very good reasons why our reliance on fossil fuels is a problem. One of them is just supply. If we need so much oil to drive the total energy picture, That's got to come from somewhere. And we only produce about half of the oil that we consume in the U.S. And I guess [the second] one is economics. If you just think about that a quarter of our total energy is imported, and half of the oil that we use is imported and sort of add up the amount of money that we send out of the country to purchase energy, it's fairly substantial. So I guess those are the two major reasons, and of course there are the obvious environmental problems.

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