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Bio-Diesel (Norm Olson, BECON, Biomass Researcher)

Biomass is one of Iowa's most abundant energy resources. Find out what BECON is doing to make the most of Iowa's "leftovers."

Transcript: Bio-Diesel

Another way we can convert biomass materials into a fuel that we use to produce electricity is biodiesel production. We can take a vegetable oil, like from a soybean. We squeeze the soybeans; squeeze the oil out of the soybean; treat it in a certain way that makes it flow a little better, makes it a little thinner -- more burnable in an engine. We can take that in a diesel engine generator and again convert that plant based material into electricity through an engine. That engine again could be something like a turbine, a fuel cell, most commonly would be a caterpillar-like engine. I guess I should say diesel engine.

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