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Benefits of Biomass (Norm Olson, BECON, Biomass Researcher)

Biomass is one of Iowa's most abundant energy resources. Find out what BECON is doing to make the most of Iowa's "leftovers."

Transcript: Benefits of Biomass

Really the value of electricity is you have to have it when you need it. In other words, if you want your refrigerator to be running at a certain time and it doesn't, your food spoils. You have to have electricity available all the time when you want it, and wind energy doesn't necessarily provide it that way. Wind energy provides the most in the winter months and provides less in the summer months in the state of Iowa. That's the way our wind patterns go. With biomass, you can produce electricity whenever you want it and provide it in the quantities you want it, so it's a very good sound technology that really has more value than that produced from wind or solar energy right now, because they don't have storage technologies that are real cost effective. But biomass, I think, is probably the best in terms of value, because you produce it when you need it and that's very important to users out there -- that you know have a lot of product that could be wrecked if they don't have electricity when they need it.

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