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Mike Kappus

  1. "The Mix"
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"The Mix" (Mike Kappus, Environmentalist)

Find out how and why businessman Mike Kappus invested in the environment.

Transcript: "The Mix"

If I could determine the energy mix for the U.S., I would say solar would have to be a huge element of it. It drives me crazy when you go to airports or parking garages and there are escalators working 24 hours a day when people are not on them half the time. Yet, they've got these huge roofs that are going unused. Those roofs could be covered with solar [panels]. They could be powering the energy they're using underneath them. We've got roofs. We're not doing any harm. We're not getting in the way of anything with solar panels on roofs. Solar is a great way to go. Wind power is a great way to go. Waterpower...hydroelectric...as long as it's not causing a problem and damming a river and causing problems for salmon population or something. It's not causing a problem...that's a possibility. There's tidepower now that they're working on energy from the ocean's waves. There's all different things that we can do, as well as conservation. People just don't think about how much energy they're using. How much they can save. Which California has thought about a lot more in the last few months. And they've been able to in a time period when California is powering the cyber-revolution basically. And there's so many servers in California powering the Internet. And we've increased the need for power so much -- we've reduced our overall power usage 12-15% or something this year over last year because people have made choices to conserve. It shows what can be done.

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