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Mike Kappus

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Consumption (Mike Kappus, Environmentalist)

Find out how and why businessman Mike Kappus invested in the environment.

Transcript: Consumption

People are using computers throughout the day now. Instead of picking up their phone and talking to somebody, everybody's got a computer on. They're accessing the Internet. The Internet sites they're accessing are being served by servers that are running all the time, 24 hours a day. We're getting more and more convenient electrical appliances that are sapping the energy. People need to realize that it's not just flipping on a switch and everything is taken care of. That electricity is coming from somewhere and most of the places the electricity is coming from are creating pollution, or they're going to be a problem in the future. Nuclear power waste has no way to be disposed of basically. We have to think about it and recognize that we cannot only do a favor for the environment and ourselves by breathing pure air and having cleaner water. Look to renewables that are not going to pollute our air and also save on energy bills. They save money and they save the environment at the same time.

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