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Why Solar? (Mike Kappus, Environmentalist)

Find out how and why businessman Mike Kappus invested in the environment.

Transcript: Why Solar?

Somebody asked me about why did you go with solar, i said the question is why would you not go with solar? There's a discussion here in san francisco before the board of supervisors about converting putting solar panels on all the city owned buildings and it makes so much sense, because solar energy is created during the daytime only, but that's the greatest time of need for electricity. So you're creating the electricity at the time its most needed, at nightime its not needed as much so you can not have to build a new power plant to provide the peak periods of time because the solar is taking care of the peak periods of time. So we can avoid the production of power plants, we can avoid the drilling of Alaska or off our coastline or transporting it across the oceans and risking that the tanker breaks up and ruins the ocean or coral reef. It's just our planet, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Otherwise there's no particular reason.

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