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Energy Demand (Kevin Waetke, Mid American Energy, Spokesman)

Why would a big power company push customers to conserve? Get the bottom line from MidAmerican's main spokesman.

Transcript: Energy Demand

Probably the biggest challenge is this increasing demand. Across the board, people are using more electricity than they've ever used in their lives. They have multiple computers in their home. They have hot tubs. They plug in their car at night. There's a lot of electricity demand and people need to understand that electricity can sometimes be considered a finite source. You can only produce so much. So conservation is critical. So really I guess we would urge customers to really look at their lifestyle and determine: do I need this many electronic gadgets around? I'm not saying throw them away or don't use them, but certainly understand that to keep pace with the demand, it takes a lot of investment and that means there's potential there for the cost of electricity to rise. And so understand simply that there are tradeoffs. That as demand increases, the price of the product increases too.

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