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Energy Consumption (Frank Jeffrey, Solar Power Entrepreneur)

This entrepreneur is in the thick of "thin film" solar cell manufacturing. Explore more about Jeffrey's take on the future of energy.

Transcript: Energy Consumption

We're used to consuming huge amounts of power, far more than we need to consume. Probably a mix of reducing power consumption, improving storage technology, and then mixing the sources between solar, and fossil is what the final answer is going to be. None of them by themselves are going to be the answer. It has got to be a balance. Probably the single biggest start to reaching that balance is reducing consumption down to a level that's attackable with some of these systems and has minimal damaging impact. We can do that without much sacrifice in the way we live. It requires a little more thinking about what you do, but we could probably reduce our energy consumption by a factor of two quite easily without any significant reduction in our standard of living. Europe uses about half the energy per person that we do, and the northern European countries, their standard of living is about the same as ours.

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