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How Hydropower Works (David Elschlager, Ameren Hydropower Plant Spokesman)

Water keeps the power flowing at David Elschlager's plant. Hear how hydropower fits into the future of energy.
Transcript: How Hydropower Works

To create hydropower, we need some supply of water, which is normally through a pooled source. You build a dam, for example, to block the water coming down a river. Or we may form a reservoir from a mountain stream. And then the water flows through a water wheel, known as a turbine, and the turbine is attached to a generator. The generator spins, The electricity is produced and goes out through the wires into the transmission system. Electricity production is really just changing the form of energy. We're taking the potential energy stored in water. It is potential because it's sitting at an elevated level above some lower tail water elevation. And as that water falls, energy is released into spinning the water wheel or turbine. And then the energy of the spinning mechanical portions of the system becomes electricity when it runs through the generator.

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