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"The Mix" (Bruce Lacy, Duane Arnold Energy Center, Spokesman)

Will nuclear power continue to be a force in the future? Bruce Lacy speaks for Iowa's only nuclear facility.

Transcript: "The Mix"

Everyone needs energy. Energy is fundamental to life. It's fundamental like food. It's fundamental like water. It's fundamental like air. And we're going to need more of it. As we look around the world, energy is clearly associated with increasing the standard of living around the world. The U.S. is the envy of the world for our standard of living. Other people want the same standard of living we've got, so we're going to need more energy. Sometimes people get sidetracked on a discussion about is it going to be coal? Is it going to be natural gas? Is it going to be windmills? Is it going to be solar? Well no. Is it going to be nuclear? Which one is it going to be? That discussion is offtrack because the needs for the future are going to be so large that we're going to need everything. The question is what is the mix then? How much wind? How much nuclear? How much coal? I don't think we can answer that directly today.

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