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How Nuclear Works (Bruce Lacy, Duane Arnold Energy Center, Spokesman)

Will nuclear power continue to be a force in the future? Bruce Lacy speaks for Iowa's only nuclear facility.

Transcript: How Nuclear Works

We take the uranium ore out of the ground just like we would mine any other kind of material. It's purified. We go through a concentration process to increase the concentration of the desirable lighter weight uranium atoms. Put that together in a ceramic oxide pellet. Put those pellets in rods. Put it in our reactor vessel, designed to foster the nuclear reaction where neutrons break the uranium atoms into pieces. After that fuel has been in the reactor for its useable life, we take the fuel out. Let the radioactivity, the radiant energy, decay over time storing it on an interim basis on our reactor site. And long term, we'll put this in a well designed long term permanent disposal facility.

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