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Wind Benefits (Tom Wind, Energy Consultant)

Are the answers to our energy problems blowin' in the wind? Tom Wind (yes that's his real name) evaluates the resource.

Transcript: Wind Benefits

There would a couple reasons why the state would want to adopt a policy of getting 10% of our energy from the wind. The main benefit of wind generation is that it's pollution free. There are no greenhouse gases, such as CO2, no nitrogen oxides or sulfor dioxides, no acid rain, or smog precursors. No air emissions. That's the primary benefit. The second benefit is that it provides income to land owners. Each of these turbines in Iowa typically provides about $2000 a year to the landowner. The amount of payment depends on how much the wind turbine generates and other factors, but on average it's about $2000 per turbine per year. The third reason you might want to adopt a policy like this is it provides economic development. We have people employed here to maintain and service these wind turbines. These are highly skilled.These are good long-term jobs. It provides economic development especially in rural areas where good high paying jobs are a little bit hard to find.

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