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Energy Efficiency (Angela Chen, Energy Bureau, Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources)

How will Iowa prioritize the state's energy needs? Hear from the agency in charge of taking us into the future.

Transcript: Energy Efficiency

We forecast an annual increase of about 1.1% overall, from energy, total energy consumption, for the state, so we do need more. What we're looking a -- there are two things that we can do. One is improve energy efficiency in all sectors of the economy. For example, if we increase our efficiency in our schools, then we don't have to spend as much of our money that's collected from our taxpayers to pay utility bills. We'd rather use that money for supplies and computers and other learning tools. For residential customers, people who own homes, instead of spending money on energy bills, we'd rather save that money through efficiency improvements through our home and use that money for entertainment, for children's education, all those more useful things. What we're trying to let people know is there's a lot of room for energy efficiency in all sectors, all areas of life. That's one thing we can do and all of us can be part of that.

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