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Evaluating Energy Resources (Angela Chen, Energy Bureau, Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources)

How will Iowa prioritize the state's energy needs? Hear from the agency in charge of taking us into the future.

Transcript: Evaluating Energy Resources

When we're looking to potential resources for energy applications, we need to look at what kind of environmental impact that resource would have on us and future generations. So that's one thing that we need to pay close attention to before we start digging and start exploring. A second one is cost-effectiveness. We do want our consumers to have the least costing energy and people can afford it so they can enjoy quality of life they have been use to or improve it. Another thing is technology. What technologies are currently available, what technologies are coming up in the next few years, and what kind of things are visionaries [saying we] might have. Say those are the things we should do in the future, we can start out doing the research and development now.

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