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Task Force Mission (David Hurd, Iowa Energy Policy Task Force, Co-chair)

How should the state of Iowa prepare for the future of energy? Hear what the state's energy policy task force focused on.

Transcript: Task Force Mission

The governor formed the task force in the fall of 2000, made up of 14 Iowans from around the state, and charged us with taking a look at what policies the state needs to assure that Iowans have an adequate supply of energy in the future and that the supply be affordable. And for us to look deeply into how we maximize our usage of renewable power and work on energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means doing things in a smarter way or a technically better way so that we use less energy. An example might be of a construction of a commercial building. To do it in such a fashion that it makes better use of daylight and therefore you would use less electricity.

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