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Priority List (David Hurd, Iowa Energy Policy Task Force, Co-chair)

How should the state of Iowa prepare for the future of energy? Hear what the state's energy policy task force focused on.

Transcript: Priority List

It appears to us that energy efficiency should be a first priority because it's relatively inexpensive and it saves you forever if you don't have to generate a kilowatt (kW) hour because it's saved. Secondly, we believe that Iowa should depend on a diverse supply of energy. It shouldn't come from one place. Third there ought to be a strong emphasis on renewables and that would be beyond wind. It would include solar and hydro and biomass and so on. Fourth, we think that there ought to be an innovative look at how to assist the utility industry in upgrading current coal-generating plants so that they're more effective and less polluting and to assist in constructing new coal generating plants.

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