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About Explore More
Explore More is a multimedia project designed to engage students in problems they can relate to, provide compelling content for investigation, and give students opportunities to form their own points of view. The project features engaging topics, an issue-driven approach, and a variety of technology resources.

Explore this section to find about more about the topics, resources, and purpose of this project.

Explore More Topics
Four compelling topics were chosen by Iowa teachers for their ability to match student interests and to connect to critical thinking skills, curricular content, and problem-based learning.

Learning Triangle
The Explore More project connects compelling content, effective teaching and learning strategies, and innovative uses of technology to provide meaningful opportunities for students.

Project Resources
This project uses a variety of technologies that are readily available in the classroom. A collection of supporting activities, partnerships, and outreach events enhance and extend the use of these materials in the classroom.

IPTV's Explore More project has been recognized by educators and the educational media industry for outstanding instructional quality and production excellence. Find out more.