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Nearly every job you can think of wouldn't exist without access to energy. Stores wouldn't have lights without electricity. Goods couldn't travel across the world without transportation. Many foods would rot without refrigeration. And you wouldn't have anything to buy if there were no energy for manufacturing.

There are plenty of career professionals right here in Iowa who rely on energy to do their jobs. Sitting through elementary, middle and high school, they might not have thought about what energy would mean to them someday. But if you ask them today, they could tell you how their jobs and your lives would be difficult without energy.

No matter where your interests lie, you can learn about ways to prepare for careers in energy. Of course you need math. Writing, reading, and analyzing are important skills for some jobs. Other careers depend on scientific inquiry. History, politics, and geography open up some possibilities. But so does industrial technology, driver's education, and physics. Every subject you learn in school has some application to a career in energy.

All of these careers use energy to do their jobs (some more than others). Many of these careers use forms of energy directly (welder, farmer, driver). Others are energy fields (electrician, process engineer). Go through the list and determine which careers use energy as a significant part of their job and the careers that determine how energy is used.

The School to Careers project offers students the opportunity to meet career professionals through the ICN. Professionals tell you about their work and help connect school to careers!

aircraft maintenance

airport director

chief pilot

construction engineer

director of environmental services


electric line crew foreman



industrial engineer

mechanical engineer


pilot and owner of ultralight airplane business

process engineer

production manager at a cabinet manufacturer

production manager popcorn processor

tool and die maker

truck mechanic




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