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How will energy change in the future? How will it be generated and transmitted, conserved or consumed? Check out the different viewpoints from these experts.

We interviewed a wide range of people who all have something to say. Listen closely to see who you agree or disagree with. You might be surprised by how strong your own viewpoint is!

Click on a clip to watch a video or read a transcript of what the person says.

Tom Harkin
U.S. Senator (D)
What should government be doing to prepare for the future of energy? Listen in on Senator Harkin's position.
Tony Kovscek
Petroleum Engineering
What's the future for fossil fuels? Explore Prof. Kovscek's perspective on coal's role and more.
Sandy Turner
Calpine Geothermal, Spokeswoman
Sandy Turner is fired up about geothermal power. Find out how this hot resource helps satisfy California's energy appetite.
Norm Olson
BECON, Biomass Researcher
Biomass is one of Iowa's most abundant energy resources. Find out what BECON is doing to make the most of Iowa's "leftovers."
Mike Kappus
Find out how and why businessman Mike Kappus invested in the environment.
Kevin Waetke
Mid American Energy, Spokesman
Why would a big power company push customers to conserve? Get the bottom line from MidAmerican's main spokesman.
Frank Jeffrey
Solar Power Entrepreneur
This entrepreneur is in the thick of "thin film" solar cell manufacturing. Explore more about Jeffrey's take on the future of energy.
David Elschlager
Ameren Hydropower Plant Spokesman
Water keeps the power flowing at David Elschlager's plant. Hear how hydropower fits into the future of energy.
Bruce Lacy
Duane Arnold Energy Center, Spokesman
Will nuclear power continue to be a force in the future? Bruce Lacy speaks for Iowa's only nuclear facility.
Tom Wind
Energy Consultant
Are the answers to our energy problems blowin' in the wind? Tom Wind (yes that's his real name) evaluates the resource.
Brent Barker
Electric Power Research Institute
What issues will affect the future of energy? Let an EPRI* expert fill you in. *Electric Power Research Institute is one of the nation's leading energy industry think tanks.
Angela Chen
Energy Bureau, Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources
How will Iowa prioritize the state's energy needs? Hear from the agency in charge of taking us into the future.
David Hurd
Urban Conservationist
How should the state of Iowa prepare for the future of energy? Hear what the state's energy policy task force focused on.




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