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Cloning Ban
herapeutic cloning may be banned by Congress. Why should you care? More

Stem Cells
Research into genetic diseases may be more difficult if only a limited line of stem cells are available to science. Who will suffer the most? More

Pharm Fields
Farmers could be cultivating all kinds of new crops if genetic engineering lives up to its potential. More

Milk money?
How can dairy farmers increase milk production without increasing the size of their herds? More

What's in the Beef?
Genetically engineered growth hormones are commonly used in beef production. More
Fields of Genes
Farmers across the country are taking advantage of a whole new crop of high-tech alternatives. More
Environmental Impacts
Will genetically engineered crops help or harm the environment? It depends on whom you ask. More

UK Cloning Controversy
It's a brave new world in Britain, the first country in the world to legalize limited cloning of human embryos. More

Meet the Mammal that Made History
Dolly the sheep was the first successfully cloned mammal in history. Dolly the sheep has arthritis. Is it because of the cloning procedure? More

The Age of Clones
Do clones age more quickly than "natural" organisms? Researchers are looking into it. More
The first pet was cloned. CopyCat is a genetic clone of her "mother," Rainbow. More
To Label or Not to Label ... That Is the Question
One of the biggest controversies brewing in the field of genetic engineering is whether to label foods that use genetic engineering in their production process. More
A Legislator's Argument for Labeling
A bill by Representative Barbara Boxer failed to pass, but here is her argument for labeling. More
What People Think
In "Brave New Farm," James Walsh reports on opposition to GE foods. "What People Think" reports consumer responses to two questions. More
International Food Information Council
The International Food Information Council (IFIC) conducted phone surveys. More
Cloning Candidates
Which animals represent the best bets for cloning and which ones aren't such hot prospects? More

Tasmanian Tiger
Bringing Back the Tasmanian Tiger! Scientists hope DNA will allow cloning of an extinct marsupial. More

Killer Cures?
Two deadly viruses, the ones that cause Ebola and AIDS, could actually help cure a devastating and deadly genetic disease. More

First Failure
Gene therapy is a promising path that researchers are following to find cures and treatments for deadly genetic diseases. More
Success Story
The first disease successfully treated by gene therapy was Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID). More

Currently Available Tests
Some gene tests available as of 1998 from clinical genetics laboratories approved by New York State. More

Genes & Jobs
Do you have the right genes for the job? Employers could use genetic testing to find out. More

Ensuring Genetic Privacy
Genetic testing is a powerful tool that currently can reveal important information about an individual's health. But... More

Horrible Hog
In a 1985 experiment, a group of pigs had the gene for human growth hormone engineered into their DNA. More

Art or Absurd?
A Chicago artist stirred up a lot of controversy when he hired French scientists to genetically engineer a rabbit. More

Transformed Taters
Researchers managed to genetically engineer a gene from a fluorescent jellyfish into a potato. Why? More

Silk in the Milk
What is thinner than a strand of hair, yet stronger than than a strand of steel? You might be surprised by the answer. More
Genetically Engineered Bt Corn
Chemical insecticides are one effective way to combat pests, but scientists have hit upon another solution.
Roundup Ready
Some of the biggest benefits promised by GE crops are environmental ones.
Banana Vaccine
Genetically engineered foods that deliver more than just nutrition.
Dolly & Polly Scientists work to produce medical products through genetics. More
Got Milk? Get Eggs! A research team in Georgia believes chickens are ideal candidates to produce human protein. More
Biotech Bossies scientists are actively researching ways to produce human antibodies without humans.
Xenotransplantation Should animals be bred as organ factories for humans? More
Gene Therapy
Gene therapy for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency syndrome (SCID) More
Who Oversees the Research?
In the United States, gene therapy techniques must be approved by the federal government. More
Delivery Disruptions
Obstacles of gene therapy.

Somatic Cell Gene Therapy and Germ Line Gene Therapy
The two "classes" of gene therapy More

Genetically Engineered Insulin
The resulting insulin is so close to human insulin that it is virtually impossible to distinguish one from the other. More
Future Fuels
Biotech breakthroughs are making alternative fuels cheaper to produce. More
Plenty of Products
The sky's the limit when it comes to the number of new products that could result from genetic engineering. So what's in the works? More
What's the new frontier for adventurous explorers More
Laundry Detergent
How did genetic engineering get mixed up in laundry detergent? More

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