1997 Poll

International Food Information Council

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) conducted phone surveys to one thousand households on consumer perceptions of the safety and need for labeling of genetically engineered foods in March, 1997 and February, 1999. Both polls had similar results.

The poll asked "Some critics of the U.S. FDA policy say that any food produced through biotechnology should be labeled even if the food has the same safety and nutritional content as other foods. However, others, including the FDA, believe such a labeling requirement has no scientific basis, and would be costly and confusing to consumers. Are you more likely to agree with the labeling position of the FDA or with its critics?"

In 1997, 58% agreed with "FDA" and 37% agreed with the "critics." In the 1999 poll, 38% indicated awareness that products of biotechnology are currently in supermarkets.

Source: : International Food Information Council - March, 1997 & February, 1999

See: http://www.consumersunion.org/food/summpollny699.htm

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