The Bottom Line (Bian Li, Student)

Bian Li won an internship from the World Food Prize Organization. Her experience give her a unique perspective on feeding the world with GE.

Transcript: The Bottom Line

There is a Chinese proverb that says a man who is full has many problems, a man who is hungry has only one problem. People are saying, "Oh, [genetically modified foods], you can't eat those. Those are terrible. They're not safe." But if you're hungry, if you're starving like the children in Somalia, people who can't sustain their own food, [you] won't care if it's [genetically modified] or not. They're just going to eat it. That's what their main concern is, eating. And [genetic engineering] can be a tool to do that. And we can't just stop at that. So some of the funding should not just be oriented towards [genetic engineering]; we have to split it up and develop ways of education empowerment, of how to help their organic farming and combine it with the new technology...That's how we'll be able to increase the food security especially for Third World countries...

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