What is Biotech? (Dr. Charles Link, M.D.)

Dr. Charles Link is using gene therapy to research diseases and treat cancers. Explore the medical possibilities provided by genetic engineering.

Transcript: What is Biotech?

Biotechnology is a tool. There are certain types of experiments and certain types of knowledge you can only do if you have certain types of tools. Biotechnology is basically a toolbox that you can use to study genetics. Much the way if you are an auto mechanic, you need tools to be able to work on an engine, biotechnology has certain techniques, methods, and pieces of equipment that can be used to study genetics. [Biotechnology is] being used to study evolution. It's being used to study plants and animals. It's being used to study humans. It's being used to predict, in humans, disease states. It's being used to treat diseases in humans. It's an incredible range of things. Basically, biotechnology can affect and have impact on anything that is living and that's quite a remarkable thing.

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