Arguments for Biotech (Dr. Charles Link, M.D.)

Dr. Charles Link is using gene therapy to research diseases and treat cancers. Explore the medical possibilities provided by genetic engineering.

Transcript:  Arguments for Biotech

If you take kids with a lethal genetic disease that might die an agonizing death over ten or fifteen years from repeated infections and die, and compare that to kids whose stem cells have been taken out, genetically modified and put back into them and seem to be living a normal life, that's a very powerful argument. If you look at cancer patients who've failed radiation and chemotherapy and have received gene therapy and their tumor has regressed and you see that patient up walking around alive who otherwise would have been dead, that's a very powerful argument for biotechnology. So it's fairly difficult to see when you're saving lives and saving children that there's not a very powerful argument for biotechnology. I think we're just on the very early cusp of this. It is very much is akin to the computer revolution that's taken place over the last thirty or forty years, very much akin to the development of the combustion engine, very much to the development of the light bulb, except biotechnology has much more profound potential impact on humanity. There are very complicated issues coming up however, things like; effects on human life span, effects on human intelligence, issues like when if ever would humans consider doing a germ line gene therapy experiment. These are very difficult things that I don't think we have a lot of answers for right now.

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