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  1. Why Biotech?

Why Biotech? (Daria Schmidt, Researcher)

Daria Schmidt develops genetically engineered varieties for Pioneer Hi-Bred, hear what GE offers this researcher.

Transcript:  Why Biotech?

Before biotechnology we were very limited to the types of genetics we could work with in soybeans. [Genetic traits were limited to] basically whatever was available in the soybean varieties, or what we might be able to get as far as traits for disease reistance or grain quality from related species or plant introductions. That was the limit. That was the scope of genetics that was available. Biotechnology brought us a new tool by which we could bring in genes that weren't of soybean source or that weren't [related]...we could bring in [traits] we simply didn't have before. a way to get those genetic traits into the soybean variety so that we can grow them in the field.

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