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Labeling (Jerry Fleagle, Iowa Grocery Industry)

Jerry Fleagle is the President of the Iowa Grocery Industry Association. Checkout what grocers think about genetically engineered foods.

Transcript: Labeling

I think...the issue of labeling is first and foremost one of safety. And I think those concerns have to be addressed always for the consumers. The [Food and Drug Administration] has...said that they don't see an issue with the safety. Now if that were to change, through any kinds of tests or studies or so forth like that, I think definitely then you would see a big push for labeling. And it would probably be appropriate at that time. So far, it seems in the industry, and particularly here in Iowa, we have not seen a big outcry for specific labeling on the issues. We have not seen anything at the state or local level. I know in some states it has been discussed, but so far here in Iowa it has not become an issue at all. I think if labeling is mandated, depending on what avenue it would take, it's obviously going to have some economic impacts and will probably drive up the cost of the product, which ultimately is going to get passed on to the consumer.

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