Bringing Back Species (Monica Post, Zoo Education Curator)

Monica Post is an education curator at the Blank Park Zoo. Find out how she thinks GE could impact the animal kingdom.

Transcript: Bringing Back Species

I think if you were...trying to bring a species back, and repopulate a particular area, I think it's a bad idea and I think most of North American accredited zoos would probably agree with that. What's going on is you've got some animals that have become extinct because of natural selection which is a natural process, because of natural habitat changes. We know that the extinction rate has increased because of human intervention. That's a real issue. But trying to bring animals back and repopulate places that they have completely left extinct may be a little bit of a problem. In some cases you've got animals that have come in and filled a niche, and so you will boot out those animals that filled that niche, or you may be causing other competition problems.

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