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Regulatory Process (Rod Townsend, Director, Regulatory Sciences)

Rod Townsend moves Pioneer Hi-Bred products through the regulatory system. Find out what types of tests are required.

Transcript: Regulatory Process

...We have to work with three different parts of the government in order to get a product approved to go onto the marketplace. We have to work with the United States Department of Agriculture, the USDA, also with the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, and with the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA. It's a fairly extensive process of testing that lasts several years. It is testing not only out in the field to find out how the product grows, but to find out how it interacts with the environment, and to take a lot of samples out in the field and bring those back to the laboratory and analyze them. A lot of biochemistry is done on these crops and of course a lot of safety evaluations looking at food safety and feed safety.

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