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Labeling (Rod Townsend, Director, Regulatory Sciences)

Rod Townsend moves Pioneer Hi-Bred products through the regulatory system. Find out what types of tests are required.

Transcript: Labeling

Well we would like to make sure the public has as much information on the food they're eating as possible. However I don't think it's always going to be possible to convey that information through labeling on a product. [Just] think about the way that we handle the corn crop in this country--where basically everything is harvested all at one time. It's stored in huge quantities in vast elevators and shipped around the country in large rail cars or in boats that hold hundreds of thousands of tons of grain. We really don't have a system that supports the sort of segregation that would allow you to have a stream of product that's GM and a stream that's non-GM, so that would make labeling very difficult.

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