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Feed the World (Tom Vilsack, Governor of Iowa)

Tom Vilsack is the Governor of Iowa. Find out what he sees as the state's stake in biotechnology.

Transcript: Feed the World

Iowans historically have always been involved in trying to solve some of the world's biggest problems. Herbert Hoover, one of our great Iowans, a former president, was...involved in solving world hunger issues. A man by the name of Henry Wallace, who became a Vice-President of the United States and founded Pioneer Seed Company, was involved in the early, early research about plant makeup in corn. Both of these men..., and Norman Borlaug, who is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a scientist from Iowa who created a stronger wheat product that helps feed people--all of these Iowans have one thing in common, that they've of the biggest problems [of] world hunger. And with more and more people being born in the world today, there are more and more hungry people. So Iowa needs to be at the center and focus of trying to solve these problems.

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