Church's Role (Brother Dave Andrews, Priest)

Brother Dave Andrews works with the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, delve into the church's position on genetic engineering.

Transcript: Church's Role

It is the Church's role to raise the moral and ethical spiritual questions about food. Eating is a moral act. We have an obligation to ask where does our food come from, under what conditions was it produced, to whose benefit does that production go? Who is helped and who is hindered? We certainly have the responsibility to ask about the quality of the web of life, about the condition of nature and the condition of society. We stand as one of the institutions that sees itself as having responsibility to defend nature and its integrity, and defend human communities and human dignity. If that means we ask questions that challenge government and business and even ourselves in terms of our own practices, so be it. That's part of what our role has been for thousands of years. To raise the questions of value and to assert when everything's not right that its not right.

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