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Biotech's Role in the Church's Moral Framework (Brother Dave Andrews, Priest)

Brother Dave Andrews works with the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, delve into the church's position on genetic engineering.

Transcript:  Biotech's Role in the Church's Moral Framework

We have in the Catholic Church...a set of principles, of moral principles, that come, we believe, from the Gospel, the scriptures, and the experience of the church thinking about life and how's it organized and how we are to live. These principles we call an ethic, and they include the dignity of the human person, the integrity of creation, the search for the common good. They include a principle we call subsidiarity and solidarity. These principles shape our thinking about a lot of issues including biotechnology. It is not intrinsically or essentially wrong to explore the science and the potential of scientific application to the potential betterment of the world. There's no intrinsic evil in such exploration, in fact, I would suggest to the contrary, that it is part of human nature to be open to and want to discover scientific truth. The problems come not from such discovery, but from some of the consequences of such discovery, in which applications are sought without sufficient careful scrutiny.

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