Web of Life (Brother Dave Andrews, Priest)

Brother Dave Andrews works with the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, delve into the church's position on genetic engineering.

Transcript: Web of Life

Catholic Bishops in the United States say this, "the web of life is one." Natural ecologies, animals and plants, and human ecologies, human beings and communities have to be seen as one common web. And what you do to any one part of the web affects the rest of the web. So some of our intervention through biotechnology or bioengineering into plant life has unintended and sometimes unexpected consequences on other parts of plant life, which can also affect animal life which can also affect human communities. With regard to medical ethics, cloning for example and also the mining of fetal tissue, there are very strong negative judgments against such practices. When it comes to plant and animal experimentation, again you go back to these principles of Catholic social and environmental teaching as the value framework to assess what it is we should or will do. You come back to that framework again and you examine the question in light of those values.

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