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Safety (Cliff Mulder, Farmer)

Cliff Mulder is a farmer who plants genetically engineered seed. Listen to the factors he weighed in that decision.

Transcript: Safety

I'm a consumer as well as a producer. I consider safety probably my utmost factor in selecting a product that I grow,. I consider the safety of [using genetically engineered plants], to my own use, much safer than using an insecticide... As a farmer, I have to rely on the regulatory people, the [United Stated Department of Agriculture], the people who are concerned about the safety and who are regulating this. There has been a lot of research into it. Nothing has ever come out that says it was bad for our health; whereas, we're finding out generations later that petrochemicals can be and have been carcinogenic to us. I can see herbicides and insecticides being replaced by genetically enhanced or modified seed.

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